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  • 12S12S -20% Off
    BHD 8.000

    Shimmery, wearable shades that are perfect for a summer glow and an effortless casual look. Sweep one of these colors over the lid on those days when you just want a bit shine without a lot of fuss. (Finish: shimmer)   Dimensions of Palette: Length – 3 3/4″ / Width –…

  • Morphe - 12Z Zodiac Smokey Eye Palette -20% Off
    BHD 7.200

    Create a flawless finish with the Morphe 12 color zodiac smokey eye palette pick me up collection, effortless blend flaws away and create coverage that you didn’t think was possible Like all Morphe products, our 12 color palette is made of the highest quality creams to maximize features while minimizing…

  • 35k Morphe35k Morphe -20% Off
    BHD 12.000

    Morphe’s 35K eyeshadow palette is a vital staple for everybody, whether they’re a makeup beginner or a professional makeup artist, as they have the superior brand name quality without the brand name price. BEAUTIFUL & NATURAL TONES: Coffee toned shadows in rich java, metallic mocha and creamy latte get an…

  • Morphe - 35OS -20% Off
    BHD 12.000

    This all shimmer palette is everything you love about the super popular 35O palette in all shimmery colors. Filled with warm golden and bronze shades, fiery sunsets, and glowing highlight colors, you’ll be reaching for this palette whenever you want to get your glow on.   Dimensions of Palette: Length –…

  • Morphe - 35R -20% Off
    BHD 12.000

    Bring the regal look of gold to everyday life with buttery, rich, pigmented shadows in 35 shades of standout color. The mix of mattes and shimmers that range from dark chocolate to café au lait are crowned with standout metallic shades of polished copper and true gold.   Dimensions of…

  • Morphe - Cream Foundation/Highlight Palette 06CF -20% Off
    BHD 8.000

    This all-in-one cream foundation/contour/highlight palette allows you to slim, contour, highlight, and complement your most beautiful features while minimizing ones you would rather conceal. The variety of cream shades are beneficial to all skin tones and face shapes. Whether you want to narrow your nose and forehead or accentuate your…

  • Morphe - E22 Pointed Blender -20% Off
    BHD 3.200

    A small, tapered blender with just a bit more density than your average crease brush. Perfect for buffing out over applications of eye shadow or blending away harsh lines. Synthetic Bristles Dimensions:  Bristles: 5/8″ Full Length: 7 3/8″

  • Morphe - E23 Deluxe Blender -20% Off
    BHD 3.200

    A dense, domed blending brush for stronger crease color application or buffing away harsh lines. Synthetic Bristles Dimensions:  Bristles: 3/4″ Full Length: 7 1/2″

  • Fine Point Tweezers -20% Off
    BHD 2.400

    For grabbing and plucking the finest, most hard to reach hairs, these pointed tweezers have a fine tip to target hairs with precision and accuracy. These tweezers will reach even new growth that has just surfaced on the skin.

  • Morphe - G13 Blending Fluff -20% Off
    BHD 2.800

    Our rounded and velvety soft fluffy brush blends out your crease color in seconds and eliminates any harsh lines. Perfect for creating a seamless transition between shadows

  • Morphe - G15 Small Oval Shadow -20% Off
    BHD 3.120

    This luxuriously Small Oval Shadow brush allows you to create a detailed lid. A go-to for packing multiple colors on a small lid area. Synthetic Bristles Dimensions:  Bristles: 3/8″ Full Length: 5 1/2″

  • Morphe - G17 Round Blender -20% Off
    BHD 4.000

    Our ultra feathery and fluffy Round Blender brush is perfect for buffing out the crease. A staple for quick and effortless blended makeup looks. Synthetic Bristles Dimensions:  Bristles: 3/4″ Full Length: 6″

  • Morphe - G18 Round Crease -20% Off
    BHD 2.800

    Our Round Crease brush is the ultimate blending machine. Rounded and fluffy to eliminate any stark lines for a soft focus transition.

  • Morphe - G24 Blending Fluff -20% Off
    BHD 3.200

    Synthetic Bristles Dimensions: Bristles: 3/4″ Full Length: 6 7/8″ Blending is a girls best friend and this brush will delight you with it’s ultra fluffy and plush bristles that go to work for a flawless eye look.  

  • Morphe - G30 Flat Contour -20% Off
    BHD 5.600

    The Gunmetal version of one of our most popular brushes. A wide brush with a flat edge for designed to create the perfect contours. Blends out cream products effortlessly with ultra silky and luxurious synthetic bristles.