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  • Australis - 10 Hr Wear Eyeliner PencilAustralis - 10 Hr Wear Eyeliner Pencil - 17 % Off
    BHD 1.500

    A pencil that acts like a liquid liner without the liquid part. It is easy to blend shortly after application and has excellent, even colour payoff. Oh. And it’s waterproof!

  • Australis - About That Base Lip Primer -20% Off
    BHD 4.000

    About That Base Lip Primer can be used under any lipstick or lip cream to create a smooth, transparent base and make your lip colour last! It can even be used on its own as a conditioning lip treatment. Vitamin E, Jojoba and Shea Butter will keep your lips moisturised,…

  • Australis - AC On TOUR Powder Contouring and Highlighting Palette
    BHD 6.000

    Define your features and shape like a pro with these six powders designed to contour and highlight the face, taking your daily make up routine next level! This palette is formulated to provide a natural, healthy glow for any skin tone offering a contouring trio and a highlighting trio. The…

  • Australis - Banana Powder
    BHD 5.000

    Complete your look with our new banana powder. Designed to be used in your normal contouring regime, or even just on its own, this powder can be applied under your eyes, on your forehead, the bridge of your nose and your chin. This yellow toned powder suits almost every skin…

  • Australis - Blemish Buster Acne Fighting Primer
    BHD 5.000

    An acne fighting primer to fight and soothe redness. Moisturise and hydrate your skin before your foundation, while also healing and soothing acne and other blemishes. Why we ♥ it: Contains Argan oil to promote soft skin, and evening primrose oil to heal and soothe.

  • Bright EyesBright Eyes
    BHD 3.500

    Australis Bright Eyes Under Eye Concealer in Banana. Cruelty-free and vegan-friendly ingredients. With a few simple strokes, your complexion immediately looks rested, rejuvenated, and radiant. Instantly brighten and illuminate your eyes for that instant glow! Lightweight formula that is comfortable on your skin. Incredibly easy to use, click the bottom…

  • Australis - Bronzing PowderAustralis - Bronzing Powder
    BHD 4.000

    Get the natural summer glow all year round with this light reflecting bronzing powder that provides luminosity and a soft silky feel. Provides instant, airbrushed radiance. The special micronised powder prevents caking and an uneven application.

  • Australis - Browz It Eyebrow Perfecting Kit
    BHD 5.000

    Achieve Brow Perfection with this handy Brow Kit. Complete with two Brow Powders, Brow Wax, tweezers and double-ended applicator. Why we ♥ it: This kit includes a Brow Wax to fix your brows in place, whilst smoothing and creating a solid look and base for the powder to adhere to.…

  • Australis - Colour Clique CC Concealer
    BHD 4.000

    Colour correct and conceal different areas of your face with three specific shades. Colour correct and conceal different areas of your face with three specific shades. PEACH: Balances blue tones in warm skin and brightens GREEN: Cancels red. Covers sunburn, intense redness and breakouts VIOLET: Cancels yellow. Brightens dullness and…

  • Australis - Colour Clique CC Primer
    BHD 5.000

    This range of colour correcting primers help to tackle various skin concerns and hydrate and prep for a flawless base. Violet Lover helps to eliminate yellow undertones in your skin tone and brighten your overall look. Peach Princess helps to conceal dark circles and spots. Queen Bee helps to brighten…

  • Australis - Colour Inject Moisturising LipstickColour Inject - 25 % Off
    BHD 3.000

    Long lasting, moisturising and nourishing lip colour in limited edition shades. It’s an injection of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, the hottest thing on everyone’s lips. It contains Kakadu plum which is the world?s highest known source of Vitamin C which is not only soothing, but also naturally stimulates collagen formation.…

  • Custom Magnetic PaletteCustom Magnetic Palette
    BHD 3.500

    Customize and create with these high-quality magnetic palettes using individual Face (cream and powder), Eyebrow, and Eyeshadow godets. Design palettes specific to you and eliminate the build up of unused shades in your collection! How to use: Place godets (or any magnetic pans!) to the magnetic Palette customizing it as…

  • Australis - Cya Later Pores Spot Primer
    BHD 5.000

    A spot primer that creates a flawless base and smooth complexion. Minimise the appearance of pores and other imperfections with this non-greasy and moisturising primer. Why we ♥ it: Contains Vitamin E to moisturise, silicone to control oily skin and pores and almond oil to promote healthy ski

  • Australis - Eyeliner Pencil - 7 % Off
    BHD 2.500

    A pencil that is a favorite of make-up artists as it allows you to create a very precise and exact line. Why we ♥ it: It’s easy to blend and gives you an exact, precise line. It also contains natural antioxidants and is mineral oil free.

  • Australis - Eyeshadow Primer
    BHD 4.000

    A Primer made specifically for eyelids to extend the wear of eyeshadow colour. It is an oil controlling formula with silica and eye shadow magnets which provides heavy-duty staying power that’s gentle on the eye area. Why we ♥ it: You will never have to worry about your eyeshadow creasing…

  • Fresh And Flawless Pressed PowderFresh And Flawless Pressed Powder
    BHD 4.000

    Create Flawless looking skin with our Fresh And Flawless Pressed Powder, a two-in-one foundation and pressed powder compact. This Vegan formula contains eucalyptus and clove essential oils for treating existing breakouts, whilst assisting in the prevention of further imperfections. Its lightweight, build-able coverage and non-chalky texture blends seamlessly with your…