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  • Red Cherry #102 (Chakra) -40% Off
    BHD 1.500

    Add some drama to your eyes and transform their look in just a matter of minutes with these truly impressive Red Cherry Lashes in Style #102 (Chakra). Their gradual volume from tip to base enhances the lash line adding definition to the eye. The wispy layered ends, and luscious length…

  • Red Cherry #110 (Molla) -25% Off
    BHD 1.500

    Get your hands on these Red Cherry Lashes in Style #110 (Molla). These lashes are loved for their distinctive and striking style. Perfect for the party season, these unique lashes feature neat clusters of volume, adding a beautifully bold effect. Ensure your eyes stand out on all occasions with these…

  • Red Cherry #112 (Rosebud) -25% Off
    BHD 1.500

    These full, flared and fabulous lashes from Red Cherry in Style #112 (Rosebud) offer drama and volume to your look. With an incredible curl, these will lift your natural lashes and give them that extra special effect. The graduated volume draws focus to your lash line, and the fine, fluttery…

  • Red Cherry #118 (Simone) -25% Off
    BHD 1.500

    These lovely Red Cherry lashes in Style #118 (Simone) have a tapered end, lengthening the lash line and bringing focus to the outer edge of the eye. These are great for making small eyes look bigger, and enhance those that are already big. These certainly impress and are suitable for…

  • Red Cherry #600 (Delaney) -25% Off
    BHD 1.500

    Try these impressive Red Cherry Lashes in Style #600 (Delaney) today! These short and spiky style lashes are subtle, yet look great once applied. Offering a simplistic design, with a lovely amount of length, and soft, fluffy lashes; they are ideal for every day wear. Made from high quality materials,…

  • #747L#747L -25% Off
    BHD 1.500

    Add length to your lashes with these luscious Red Cherry Lashes in style #747L (Phoebe). Lightweight and extremely durable, these lashes are perfect for all occasions! Their stunning length, soft, fine lashes and natural texture is enough of a statement without extreme volume. These are ideal for both day and…

  • Red Cherry Valley of the Dolls - Limited Edition Set -38% Off
    BHD 8.000

    The Red Cherry Eyelashes ‘Valley of the Dolls’ Limited Edition Set contains four fab styles, all inspired by key characters from the book. This amazing limited edition collection has been launched to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of Valley of the Dolls, and these four iconic styles will not leave…