Jessup – 30 pcs Alchemy Whole Set T400

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  • Handle Material: Wood
  • Brush Material: Jessupro TM *
  • Model Number: T400
  • Quantity: 30 pcs
  • Handle color: Jessup Gold paint
  • The color of metal pipe: Gold

* Jessupro (TM)  Fibers is a high-performance synthetic fiber from Jessup Beauty’s exclusive selection

its design is better than the traditional animal hair. By adopting technologically advanced filaments, with specialized peaks to hold and deliver cream and powder products without absorbing them into the bristles.

Jessupro (TM)  Fibers are durable, antibacterial and hypoallergenic, retaining their original shape and color even after multiple washings.



  1. Fine Shader
  2. Medium Eyeshadow
  3. Small Blender
  4. Concealer
  5. Round Eyeshadow
  6. Soft Blending
  7. Smoky Eyeshadow
  8. Blending
  9. Large Eyeshadow
  10. Small Eyeshadow
  11. Easy Liner
  12. Brow Liner
  13. Angled Liner
  14. Duo Fiber
  15. Large Powder
  16. Large Blusher
  17. Blusher
  18. Pointed Contour
  19. Sweep
  20. Flat Foundation
  21. Flame Powder
  22. Angled Blush
  23. Tapered Powder
  24. Round Finish
  25. Tapered Contour
  26. Drip Powder
  27. Round Concealer
  28. Fan
  29. Small Fan
  30. Flat Lip


Cleaning Brushs Tips:

1. Brush cleaning water (below 40 Celsius) , and not exceed 3/4 of the brush head.
2. Reshape and let it dry upside down to avoid any water remaining in the ferrule.
3. Do not put brush handle in the water to avoid brush broken.


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Jessup - 30 pcs Alchemy Whole Set T400

Jessup - 30 pcs Alchemy Whole Set T400

BHD 27.000

Only 1 left in stock