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Frank Body – Express-o Coffee Scrub

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A no mess version of my cult favorite Original Coffee Scrub. Morning quickie babe? I’m everything you love about my original scrub, without the mess. 100% natural, vegan and whipped for you, I work fast on dry or wet skin to leave you glowing. Yep, your ex sucked.


  • RAW SUGAR: For a hit. Easily dissolvable and soft on skin makes this sweet addition the perfect exfoliant.
  • CINNAMON: Let’s spice it up. An anti-microbial healer that brings skin back to life while helping to remove pimples and acne naturally.
  • ROASTED COFFEE GRINDS: A shot of goodness. Coffee wakes up skin by stimulating blood flow and promoting collagen production. This leaves your skin not only looking perky & even, but feeling softer than ever.
  • SWEET ALMOND AND MACADAMIA OIL: This army of Vitamins A, E and D hydrates and nourishes the skin. You’ll be a smooth and sweet nut that everyone will want to nibble on.



  • Skin Type: Babes who need it, like now

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