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Dreamcolor – Samui Grey

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$ 13.52

  • Grey Lens
  • Lens size (DIA): 14.5

These lenses offer beautiful enhancement and at the same time trendy design that gives you the effect you’re looking for be it natural, vivid or doll-eyed.


Each Pair comes with two (2) vials which are sealed and tamper-proof. Sold and priced by the pair. Each vials holding a piece of colored lenses marked with expiration date and lens parameters. Cast Molding System / FDA approval / Dual Layer Coating Technology.(Sandwiching System)

MANUFACTURED BY ONE OF THE BEST COMPANY IN KOREA  DREAMCOLOR is an OEM Brand manufactured by DREAMCON which is located in South Korea. It holds both THAILAND AND SOUTH KOREA FDA with ISO and GMP RATING.


  • Lifespan:6 Months
  • Cycle: 3-6 Months
  • Shelf Life 2-3 YEARS
  • Diameter: 14.5mm Dia
  • 100% Guaranteed Authentic
  • Made in South Korea


1968194az42fuxrcy.gif This Item Includes:
author.gif Pair of Lenses
author.gif Travel Size All-in-One Solution
author.gif Colored Lens Case
author.gif Lens Manual with cleaning, disinfection, proper usage and storing guidelines.


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