Australis – Browz It Eyebrow Perfecting Kit

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Achieve Brow Perfection with this handy Brow Kit. Complete with two Brow Powders, Brow Wax, tweezers and double-ended applicator.

Why we it:

This kit includes a Brow Wax to fix your brows in place, whilst smoothing and creating a solid look and base for the powder to adhere to.

The Brow Powders can be used to create your preferred shade and then applied to the brow to give a natural finish. The Highlighter brightens up the eye area when applied underneath the brow.

All ingredients are formulated with Vitamin E to provide moisturising benefits. This product comes with step by step instructions on the back of the kit to help you in achieving maximum brow wow!


Weight 0.060 kg
Dimensions 5.3 × 8.5 × 1.3 cm


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